We are specialize in live edge furniture and butcher block tabletops. We create customized live edge table tops, bars tops, coffee tables and all your dream furniture to elevates the coziness of your living space. Each live edge furniture is created from carefully selected wood slabs which is dried and carved into beautiful furniture by our creative craftsman. Our live edge furniture brings the beauty of nature into your home. With the perfect blend of modern designs and experienced craftsmen, we give life to some of the most beautiful furniture. We are always available to discuss your project and guarantee the best quality.

Butcher block table tops give the beautiful natural looks to the tables tops and the counters. The beauty of nature combined with the craftsmanship creates the perfect match for your tables and counters. We offer butcher blocks made from different species of woods. The butcher blocks can be stained into different colors to suit your taste and finished to glossy or matte finishes.